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August 16, 2013
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Improvement...? by Joyfool Improvement...? by Joyfool
I wonder if anyone noticed the resemblance when I posted the 2nd artwork... ' v '

I'd like to get constructive critiques, please!I apologize this isn't a very elaborated artwork to start with, the clinical practice is driving me bananas! No time, no time...

I know I've improved in the past 2 years, but there are a couple things that have been bothering me and I can't put my finger on them. Sort of like habits, I think? I don't know, punch me if you think it's just me being picky.

Still, I'd deeply appreciate all kind of feedback~!

Like I said in the submission of the 2nd artwork, the BG was not made by me!
I can't find the source but I know I found it around pixiv.
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Oh my what improvement..!!!! It's amazing what two years can do! Compared to two years ago, your art definitely has a more free-flow to it. The posing and wrinkles in the dress look more natural and the shading is much more blended in opposed to the 2011 drawing whereas the shades are more hard-lined. The newer version also has a more range of colors(values). More detail is added to the hair to give depth. For example, the ribbons have been given more detail for the viewer to actually see the inside of it. Very nice. Even the background has improved! The original version has somewhat of a flat background, while the remake has a more 3D look to it. And those eyes! The remake defenitly has more realistic and lovely eyes. The 2011 version gives off a more "cute" feel whereas the 2013 version gives off a soft, joyful(seewhatididthere :D) and loving feel. Overall, your technique has very much improved!
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I have to say that is definetly a level of improvement between the two!

Vision: I like where you were trying to really trying to give of a winter feel towards to the picture. Personally like the change to the more visually realistic snowflakes but replaced the background with dead winter leaves showing the seasonal effect!

Originality: Can't really say the anime style is something to original, but none-the-less I do like the "realistic" depth the picture has and I can see this being expanded on in a more lush environment.

Technique: I really admire the shading and once again depth added into this. You've done great in that field as the 2013 version looks less flat and has more lush color and life to it! Also I noticed the features of the face have a much better definition!

Impact: Overall the second picture has a great impact and does show your style and skill has improved! Great job!
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RianNoodlton Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
I like how much the face improves
FallenChocoCookie Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, that is quite some improvement.
Joyfool Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Thank you very much!! :'D
Nikiosko Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Holy! You improved so much in only two years!! 

Must've taken a lot of patience OMG 
Joyfool Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Thank you very much! :D
Yup! Lots of patience and practice ^^
Blue-bellz Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
QAQ I wish I could draw like it's marvelous work overall and dang 2 years to improve? O___O I won't survive...........anyway good job! 
redking778 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Student Artist
Well done! this is a huge improvment! Wow your amayzing! WormHappy Emot1 I am jeolous Paws245 Icon 
RocioZero Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
¡Waaaa, qué hermosos los 2! :iconomgsocuteplz: ¡Es genial lo que mejoraste! No tenía idea de que habías pulido tanto tu estilo actual en sólo 2 años :omg: Se nota una mejora bárbara, especialmente cuando respetaste casi completamente la pose, el ángulo y los colores del dibujo original :D Lo primero que se nota que mejoraste enormemente es el sombreado y coloreado, la forma en que se mezclan los tonos y trabajás las luces creo que es uno de tus puntos fuertes ;D El diseño también mejoró muchísimo, la anatomía se ve un poco más humanizada, hasta el peluche se ve más realista (o al menos es un diseño que se suele ver). Y además encontraste un fondo que le va muy bien y calza perfecto con la imagen cándida de Shiro :)
En fin , 2 años que valieron la pena realmente, estoy segura que habrás practicado mucho pero también hay un gran talento detrás :D
Hetiru Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh dear, you became SOOOOO professional in art, really!! Just look at your wonderful pictures, I received A LOT of inspiration to practice more and more! :iconmiguelplz:
This meme is one of my fav))) It shows how artists may change their styles and fell better in drawing just practice and practice everyday// More, only for 2 years you learned how to use shadow on the clothes and skin, more hair effects and lovely faces, of course! 
Picture on the right side looks lively if compare with left one)) Thank to improved technique of drawing)) Picture from the left reminds me just usual picture and no more, but looking at the opposite one I feel different emotions and understand the art's mood!!
And i LOVE new colours very VERY much!! In the first one they're cold (because of blue), but in the second picture mmmmmmmmm *O* :heart: Green warms my heart! :iconshoujogrinplz:

Of course we first picture is also good, because without it, without your past works and learning technique, you have never received your current pictures// We draw every time and love our own style in each age stage)) We just need to love our old works and keep them, because sometimes it's just interesting to look at them and remember what you felt drawing that picture)))

Keep up the good work, dear! I'll be watching for each your new work! :iconshysawakoplz:
I did my own meme only thanks to you~~~ It's a good idea to show how change your skills// But only after seing this meme I finally decided to do mine too (Although I was wanting for a long time XD) You art really inspires meeeee!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

P.S. It was written not as a critic, but a big comment from me~ Critic may have only 100 words, unfortunately ;__;
Naaracool Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
*o* you improve so much QuQ
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