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flame points by evelluchia

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October 26, 2012
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Part 3: Cottonese by Joyfool Part 3: Cottonese by Joyfool
Scotch now clung onto his sister and shrunk his face into her chest as the Cottonese was thrown and landing mere feet in front of them. She quickly stood up, triggering Scotch to turn his face to look at her as her puffy pink tail rested right in front of them, the bottom touching the tip of Scotch’s nose—the white cotton ball that attached to the end of her tail made his nose itch as he tried to resist the urge to sneeze. Yet she smelled so sweet and he felt his face grow warm as her tail caressed along his face

Chapter 3: Cottonese The Demoni ran at Butter who stood her ground, bracing herself for impact. She planted her boots into the ground as the taller, stronger intruder crashed into her. Grabbing Butter's dress, the demon cat slammed her into the tree, causing a shower of leaves to fall over them as some birds squawked in annoyance, fleeing from their nests. Butter's lips curved up, baring her teeth as she puffed out her tail in animosity. She extended her claws and raised her arm, slicing across the Demoni's shoulder as a yelp escaped the demon cats' lips. Butter seized this opportunity, using the tree for leverage as she kicked her foot out and slammed it into t

Sorry for the crapiness of this animation. Orz And dA THANKS A LOT for
giving me a hard time to submit this with the sucky new submitting page.

Woohoo! Part 3 is here~ Introducing the loveable Kokoro! :iconkawaiipandaplz:
Join the fan club #Flame-Points if you wish to catch up on the story and see
art of the art collection of the cast by many talented artists around dA! O v <

Chapter 1: Flame PointsThe sound of water encircled the area. The subtle echo of the liquid splashing against the river stones, sent an array of euphoria to her ears. The piercing heat of the morning star kissed the skin of her face, as the frigid wind caressed her body.

A loud crash erupted, the sound of the peaceful water being pushed out of its safe abode.

A piercing tone called out to her, “Butter! Please come in the water with me!”

She instantly recognized the voice belonging to her twin brother Scotch. Her cat ears twitched from the annoyance of her brother disturbing her tranquility. She peered one of her eyes open to see him drenched in the c
Chapter 2: DemoniButter watched as her brother continued to play in the water, completely oblivious to the reason why he could never wander past the very river he was playing within. She yearned to know what Euteria had to offer past such restricted areas and what kind of people lurked around the dark corners of such a dazzling world.  

Then a soft noise made its way towards her and she twitched her ears towards her right as she instinctively turned her head slowly to see another cat. The girl was noticeably sitting on a tree branch that was right above both of them, making no real effort to hide herself from their eyes.

Butters ears went back in aggression

Characters & story © =Reiyaa
Art © =Joyfool
Done in Photoshop
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